What Is The Importance Of Gail Wynand In The Ayn Rand's Novel Titled 'The Fountainhead'?


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At the base of his characteristics, Gail Wynand can be said to be a peer of Howard Roark but the ferocity with which Roark stands by his cause is not there in Gail Wynand and after a while he gives up pursuing his cause. His giving up attitude has created havoc in his life and even his wife Dominique, who stood by him when the whole world has deserted him, leaves him.

After breaking relationship with him, she goes to the man whom she considers the man with dogged determination and a believer of individualistic pursuits. With his character, Ayn Rand tries to show the difference between a man who has an individualistic goal and a man who can go to any extent to in the pursuit of his belief. Ayn Rand also shows levels of human beings with the character of Gail Wynand.

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