I Want To Know Something About Shakespeare's Early Life "Lost Years"?


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    Shakespeare "disappeared" afer the christening of his twins Hamnet and Judith in 1585 when he was 21.
    He re-appears seven years later, in London, as a playwright of some standing.  In the meantime, he has been a lawyer's clerk,  a poacher, a seaman, a soldier and a schoolteacher!  All of these ativities imagined by his various biographes. If he was the former, a lawyer's clerk, he stayed just long enough to grasp the basics of English Common Law, he was  supposed to have been run out of Stratford for killing a deer, but deer were introdced to the estate in 1619, Shakespeare died in 1616. It has been said, that he went round the world with Sir Francis Drake as a 12 year old cabin boy, but a 12 year old Shakespeare was safely tucked up in Stratford learnng Latin in school.  During his 'absence', it was rumoured he fought in the Netherlands, against the tyranny of invading Spain, and helped to keep Antwerp a free trade area for English wool. Finally, a schoolteacher in a big Lancashire house. There is a smattering of evidence for this, but biographers strangely have not developed it, suffice to say, from say 15 to 18, the age he was married, Shakespeare would hire a horse every Christmastide, and journey the 18 mies from Stratford to Coventry, there, he would witness the 48 play cycle of the Life of Mary, the Miracle Plays, which were to make a profound impression on him for the rest of his life.

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William Shakespeare is a well known personality of the history. He was born on 23th April in the year 1564, in Stratford-upon-Avon. This great human being was the son of John Shakespeare and Mary Arden. His father was a well known glover and alderman and his mother was a daughter of a well known person. His birth place is said to be at their own house at Henley Street. There are no proper records for his school are available. Since he was the son of a prominent officer of the town, he was given free education.

He has written a number of plays, which were all appreciated. And he became famous for this romantic plays like Romeo and Juliet. He also wrote a number of comedies and tragic plays as well, like 'hamlet'. This famous personality died on the same day on his birth date and that was 23th April. He was retired in the year 1613 and died in the year 1616, at the age of 52. William Shakespeare is buried in the chancel of Holy Trinity Church at his home town, Stratford-upon-Avon. His work was not only appreciated while he was alive but his tremedous work is still given a lot of value.
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Shakespeare 'disappeared' after the birth of his twins in 1585. He re-appears in London 7 years later. During this 7 year gap, he was supposed to have been a lawyer's clerk, A schoolteacher, a poacher, and a soldier. Lack of space forbids me to continue!

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