Why Is Timekeeping And Attendance Important In An Early Years Setting?


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Timekeeping and attendance is extremely important in an Early Years setting, for both the children and the members of staff.
Research shows that children with poor timekeeping skills and a low school attendance rate are at a disadvantage later in life. They often find it harder to make and maintain friendships and are less likely to gain good qualifications. They also tend to earn lower wages and have a higher chance of being unemployed. Some children go on to have low self-esteem.
Poor attendance and punctuality, even at the earliest age, can affect achievement in later life. Establishing good habits from the start helps children to settle more quickly and the routine of regular attendance and good time keeping will serve your child well for the rest of their school career and throughout their life. Regular attendance and good punctuality are also important for maximising achievement and accruing the greatest benefit from education.
You can help your child by setting a good example yourself. You should encourage excellent attendance and punctuality by making sure that your child arrives in school promptly. You should also contact the school about any difficulties you may be experiencing getting your child to school or if your child is going to be absent, explaining the reason for the absence. To avoid the disruption of your child’s learning try to make medical and dental appointments out of school hours.
If you are a teacher or school helper attendance and exemplary timekeeping are essential. You have to set an example to all; if children notice you arriving late or regularly absent they will assume it is acceptable behaviour. Many people rely on you to carry out your responsibilities and regular attendance is important for the pupils’ learning. In your absence, the education of the children must go on.
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Being on time to your work placement is important as it show's that you are motivated and that you want to be there. If possible try and get there a few minutes early.
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Time keeping and attendance
is a skill that all practitioners or staff members should know how to do or
have knowledge about it. Having the knowledge about time keeping and attendance
can help with future activities or jobs as well.

(hope this helps!)

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Being on time to your work setting is important as it shows that you want to be there!

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