What Is The Different Courses Of Animation?


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Clark Davis answered
The courses of Animation are... Don't get scared cause I'm taking most of them as we speak....Business and Accounting,(project managing) Humanities,( art and English), Social Science,(Sociology), Natural and Physical Sciences,( math) and Computer Applications. Which equals up to 195 Credit Hours, 36 month Course and ends up with a Bachelors of Science Degree. Hello Dream works, Walt Disney,Tri Star, Pixar... And so on. Good Luck!
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David Hurtado answered
You have many animation courses to choose from but the basic are:
-3d animation course: cgi animation, you will learn software like Maya or 3d Max.
-2d animation course: hand-drawn and composite in the computer, you learn programs like Flash, Toonboom.
-Stop-Frame animation: you have to learn how to build a model or puppet and animate it frame by frame.
For all of them you will need good drawing and computer skills as well, so to join a drawing course would be very useful to develope your animation.

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