What Is 3D Animation?


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In earlier times, the art of animation was restricted to more simple forms. Animation includes everything from cartoons, to special effects in movies and even effects in advertisements, television or hoardings. It is an extremely vast field with various applications. This field is developing at an alarming rate. 3D animation is advancement in this field. It uses various soft wares such as Adobe Photoshop, Maya and 3D Max., etc. These soft wares are extremely user friendly. Using these softwares animators are able to create life like characters with several dimensions and very high detail as well as environmental texturing.

The results are astonishing. This is the next step in the evolution of animation. There are a wide variety of tools and effects which are offered in these softwares. The possibilities are infinite.
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3-D Animation is when the animator lets the viewer see ALL sides of the animation instead of the "old school" animations as in the old Popeye, Tom and Jerry's, just the ONE side. With new CGI (Computer Generated Imaging) we can animated everything that is possible.
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Three dimensions simulation of movement created by displaying a series of pictures, or frames

we're using some software , like maya , vue ,zbrush and etc..,

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