Where Is Animation Used?


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Animation is not only actively used in the film industry, but has also recently taken over the marketing market. Animated explanatory videos now work very well as an advertising tool.

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I also read that it's a great advertising tool. But the main thing is to present such information competently. I'm a graphic designer, but I'm just at the beginning of my journey. I ordered the service graphics showreel from this agency, so they created a showreel for me so that I could place it on social networks to promote my services. It worked very well for my audience and I got a lot of new clients.

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Creating animations for games has always been the most difficult part of development for me. After all, it is quite difficult to make realistic animation without motion capture equipment. I found an outsourcing art and animation team that did the impossible for me. I advise you to also contact specialists on such issues.

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Animation is used to model and render virtual characters in several animation movies. There are different types of animations like stop motion animation, 2D cell animation and there are other techniques like claymation. The most advanced and prevalent technique used in animation is 3D animation which uses software like Maya and 3D Studio Max. Another technique incorporated in these animation styles is motion capture which uses live actors to create and record movements in prerendered models to give them a realistic human movement. Animation is also used to create fantastic surreal backgrounds for live actors and helps save on costs of creating expensive setups and scenes. It also helps on costs by creating virtual stunts which look realistic and are then superimposed with the movie. Besides that, extensive animation work is required in video games as well.

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