What Are The Basic Themes And Character Sketches Of The Novel PRIDE AND PREJUDICE By Jane Austen?


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The most important theme in this novel is the one stated in the title. It really is about pride and prejudice. Mainly, Mr Darcy is seen to be over-proud, and it is only when he falls in love with Elizabeth and she rejects him that he begins to feel, as he says near the end "how unworthy were all my pretensions to please a woman worthy of being pleased." He is proud because he comes from a wealthy and honourable family, but eventually learns that love is more important than this.

Elizabeth's failing is prejudice. She sums up Mr Darcy too quickly, and being unwilling to admit she might be wrong, even to herself, is blind both to his good qualities and to the bad ones of his enemy, Mr Wickham. Elizabeth has her own pride - pride in her intelligence and good judgement - and it is only when, like Darcy, she has learned to value the important things in people, that Jane Austen brings them together.

This is just a start - there is lots more to this novel.
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Pride and Prejudice is the most famous novel written by Jane Austen's. First published in 1813 P&P describes the level of interaction between two individuals at different stages of time. Story of P&P revolves around two main characters. First female character is Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Bennet – twenty years old intelligent daughter of Mr. Bennet, a very noble person living in Hertfordshire with his wife and 5 daughters- Kitty ,Lydia, Jane ,Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is one of his most favourite daughter. she falls in love with his new neighbour Mr. Darcy and swears to loathe him forever The second main male character is Fitzwilliam Darcy – a very handsome, proud and rich twenty eight years old person who was Elizabeth's love in the movie. In the beginning he thought of her as an inferior person realized that he has some special feelings for her. His proposal was rejected by Elizabeth due to his pride and her negative thoughts about him.

Other characters of the movie are Jane Bennet – eldest daughter of Mr Bennnet Married to Charles Bingley, closest friend of Darcy. William Collins, closest male relation of Bennet family married to best friend of Elizabeth known as Charlotte Lucas. Lydia Bennet – yougest of Bennets married to George Wickham.

The story has a happy end with the marriage of Mr Darcy with his beloved wife Lizzie.

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