How Do Lydia And Elizabeth From Pride And Prejudice Break The Rules Of Their Society?


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A few ideas to start with: Lydia is the obvious rule-breaker in Pride and Prejudice. She is noisy, rude, very bold with men and, later in the novel, seriuously breaks the rules by running away with Wickham (and not even being much bothered about whether they get married.) Almost everything Lydia says and does is unsuitable for a young unmarried woman in her society.

Elizabeth's rebellion is more subtle. She transgresses by speaking her mind openly and acting/ thinking independently at all times. A good example is when she walks to Netherfield alone; the Bingley sisters are shocked. Later, Lady Catherine is equally shocked when Eliabeth never hesitates to give her opinion and, near the end, openly disobeys her by refusing to promise not to marry Darcy.

There is also private rebellion: For example, she is secretly very critical of her parents which was unusual at the time.

Hope this helps.
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Well I could say that l ydia runs away with a man and lives with him with out marrying him.

Elizabeth is more independent though she is the female protagonist she is independent

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