If U Were A Cartoon Character, What Would It Be?


19 Answers

Leah Bumohya Profile
Leah Bumohya answered
Spongebob- he's crazy but always happy so....
Jaimie  JT Profile
Jaimie JT answered

I always turn my own pictures into cartoons cos I love cartoons so very much :) I pick me then ... Not smurfette cos I'm not amused about the fact I'm short today , maybe tomorrow I will be.

Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Donald duck!!!
Dreamer Marshmellows Profile
Dreamer Marshmellows , The cartoon character I would like to be is, answered

Scooby-Doo! Cause each time the gang would solve a mystery I would get a Scooby snack!

Michelle Mason Profile
Michelle Mason answered
It would be a character from avatar, Toph or Azula except with Azula shes evil, so without the eviliness, and Toph, well she just ROCKS.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Well lately I've been watching the winx club which I'm kind of addicted to. So I would be one of the fairies. If I had to choose which one, I would choose Flora, because she is a fairy of nature and REALLY pretty.

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