What Is The Play Teechers About?


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Teechers is a comedy play about school days, written by the master of Northern comedy, John Godber. Teechers is a play written for a minimum of three actors but can be played any number of actors too. If three actors do it, then they swap in and out of roles throughout the play using different props and accents, and or physicalities.

The play is about what happens when a drama teacher comes to a comprehensive school, and the affect of the drama lessons on the kids. Most people will recognise their own school days in this play, the bully, the cool kid, the sexy female gym teacher, smoking behind the bike sheds, the head teacher.

The students learn to be better people and better students by their teachers love of his subject. Unfortunately, at the end of the year, he decides to go and teach a private school, but he's change them and been changed forever.
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Teechers is a play by John Godber, written in 1987. It was first performed by the Hull Truck Theater Company. It is a play within a play in which three students put on a performance to their teachers and fellow pupils. Play teacher is teaching for students and the Nagpur Play Schools are the best play schools for your tinny tots.

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