How Do You Weave Leather?


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To waive leather, you need to first cut it in to strips. That is if you don not already have leather strips. To cut leather in to stripes, lay the leather piece on a flat surface. You should protect the surface with a rubber mat. It can be any rubber mat or those you get especially for leather working. Use a pencil or a yardstick to draw straight lines on the leather surface. Place a metal ruler and over the drawn line and cut with a tip of a razor or a knife. Weaving is almost like braiding. Place three strips vertically in front of you. Attach their ends with a clip and start weaving interior leather strips from bottom to top. You can do this by placing the left stripe over centre stripe and the right strip over the strip that is now in the centre. Keep repeating these steps until you braid till the end of the strips.

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