How Do I Get Dye Off Of Leather?


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Judy Bass answered
You have what is known as dye transfer.
Most over the counter leather cleaners will not be strong enough to deal with this - the longer the dye remains on the surface of the leather the further it will move into the finishes on the leather and once this has happened it becomes more difficult to get out.
Using solvents etc may be needed but these will damage the finish on the leather and these processes are best left to a qualified technician who will be able to recolour/refinish as necessary.
DIY products generally do not work.
Using a leather protector is always a good idea on leather and particularly on pale colours that suffer from these type of problems.
Using household products such as WD40, hairspray, bleach, rubbing alcohol, baby wipes, solvents etc should be avoided as there is no guarantee that they will not do more damage which will then be much more costly to fix.
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Glen Thornbury answered
Real leather is an animal product and you don't without taking away from the integrity of the leather!

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