How Do You Make A Handkerchief Purse?


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There are several methods.  

Using two bandanas (co-ordinated colors is nice), face to face, stitch around leaving 2" open on one edge, then turn right sides out.  Fold the four points half way to the center and pin.  Stitch around 1/2 to 1" from the edges of the octagon thus formed.  Thread two ribbons or shoe laces or similar through the four channels/tubes formed by the folded over corners.  Stitch the original 2" opening closed.  Turn it over and draw up the drawstrings. Voilá!

And here's a link for a different sort:

For a larger purse/bag you may prefer to use additional fabric, perhaps denim or velvet, depending on the handkerchief.  In this case the handkerchief is decoration.  It handkerchief may be cut from corner to corner and half applied to each side or it may be cut diagonally an inch or so from the diagonal center line for two pieces and layer the smaller one over the larger.  If the handkerchief is good-both-sides, it may just be folded there instead of cut.  Either include it in the seam at the top opening or stitch the edge down anywhere and cover with a line of ribbon or similar.  Here are instructions for making a reversible purse which may be decorated with handkerchiefs.
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Wow.. Handkerchief purse is interesting.. You can use it rather than an ordinary wallet for safety of your money, if you are in a place not familiar to you. I think Handkerchief purse can be made by just folding your handkerchief, try to do it yourself.. It's quiet interesting ^^ heheeh
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See this is something which can't be answered what you can do is find about sites where they give craft video lessons.ok.hope you got it!
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If you want to make a purse made of handkerchief, the process is quite easy. What you will have to do is to buy two handkerchiefs from the market and attach them together with the help of a needle. When you attach them it will look like a square shaped object. So you will have to make a handle also out of it. For that you should take scissors and fold the bag one part over another. What you will have to do is to cut a hole in it in such a way that it seems that you have a handle at the upper portion of it.

If you try the abovementioned method you will have your handkerchief bag ready in front of you.

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