What Does A Stage Manager Do?


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In the theatre, the stage manager has many roles.  Often they keep a book called 'the bible' or 'the prompt script' or 'prompt copy'.  This is a copy of the script bound in a folder or book with all of the movements of actors and light, sound and effects cues written into it.

They may also be involved in propping which is the rather thankless task of getting the props that the show needs for as cheap or free as possible.

The Stage Manager also marks out the floor of the rehearsal room with tape so that a rehearsal can take place with the full knowledge of what will be position where.

Stage Managers are responsible for the running of the show when it is 'up' or has started.  Although the Deputy Stage Manager is often the one who 'calls the show' - which means tells the technicians what to do.

When it comes to Stage Managers, the question is probably, what don't they do.
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A stage manager has to keep the rest of the crew in order and make sure everyone knows what Thay are meant to be doing and making sure every one attends meeting and rehearsals when they are meant to.

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