How Can I Make It Rain On Stage?


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Mark Westbrook answered
You need two things. Somewhere high up for the rain to come from and somewhere for the water to go after it has dropped down. For this reason, you will need some kind of tray or moat in the stage, this can be tricky to achieve on most inflexible stages.

Okay, now you need a length of hosepipe, preferably new so that it doesn't have any unintentional holes, a drill, plenty of tape and a length of metal conduit piping. Drill holes at intervals in a straight line along the piping, tape the hose securely to the piping, you need to find something as an effective stopper at the end of the pipe, lots of different material might work, sometimes you can have pipe that has its end welded closed.

Hang this pipe from the rig, with plenty of distance between the pipe and the lanterns (lanterns high, pipe low). Attach your hosepipe to a tap, and when the water pressure gets up enough, the water will come trickling out of holes in the pipe, giving a wonderful.

I've used this very successfully to great theatrical effect! (Warning, it can be a bit noisy and water doesn't like going upwards)

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