Which Is The Book To Be Referred To For Eamcet,aieee,bitsat,vit?


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Mary Frederick answered
There is very little information available for these tests, in the area of study material. However, I did discover this one website, which may help you. www.successcds.net/engineeringentranceexam/AIEEE/AIEEE-2007.php

When the site comes up click on the orange box to your left, you will be taken to additional information related to AIEEE, and the other tests you asked about. This is a website where you can purchase CD's containing study material, questions, answers and other information. I am not sure about the cost, since I had no intention of purchasing, I did complete the form.

Also, I suggest you go to your local Library. You probably, can find a lot of information without any cost to you. If, you are not sure where to begin your research, at the Library, just ask one of the staff. I believe this is the simplest way to get the most information to prepare for the test. You also will be able to make copies of some of the material, if you need to do so.

Some of the books you may not be able to remove from the Library, but you can stay there and study in a quiet place.
Good Luck!

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