Which Is The Easiest Book To Understand The Basic Concept Of Finance?


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The world of finance is one of precise facts and figures. In the case of students pursuing the faculty of math and finance, it is very important to access the correct study material. There are a number of online and offline resources that make available material for the detailed study in finance. There are online forums that enable students of the finance faculty to interact with one another and share information.

Some of the popular books on the basic concepts of finance include:

- Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management by Frank K. Reilly
- Analysis and use of Financial Statements by Gerald I. White
- Fundamentals of Financial Management by Eugene F. Brigham
- Operations Management by William J Stevenson
- Quantitative Methods for Investment Analysis by Richard Armand Defusco
- Fundamentals of Financial Management by Eugene F. Brigham and Joel F. Houston.

Some of the online resources you can consider include:

E-Bay Finance: This site makes available books and printable material on all the topics in finance, business management and a number of dedicated magazines. The material is available at low prices and you simply need to sign up with e-bay to access the site. The dedicated website is:

Books for Finance and Accounting: This site makes available printable material in finance and accounting. The matter is compiled by experts in the field and the site can be accessed at: www.gobookshopping.com/SearchByCategory.asp?cateid=KF.

Amazon.com This site is dedicated to the field of business and finance. The topics discussed are based on effectively attraction of financial success. The online address is www.amazon.com/Business-Investing-Books/b?ie=UTF8&node.

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