Ginevra De Benci By Leonardo Da Vinci Is Considered By Art Historians To Be The First ________ Depiction Of A Person?


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Leonardo Da Vinci who influenced art more than any other painter of his time, only painted about twenty paintings this is one of the three he painted of women. The other two are the Mona Lisa and the Lady with the Ermine.
This painting of a wealthy bankers daughter of Florence, was apparently painted on both sides, and has an motto including a pun on the reverse inscribed with the words "beauty adorns virtue" since her name Ginervra, in Italian means Juniper, (symbolising chastity). Leonardo's fingerprints have been discovered on the painting, were he apparently moved the paint around with his fingers to soften the outline.
A short film about the painting has been made, to introduce its history and significance to the art world.

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