How Do You Create Your Own Year Book?


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A yearbook can be also called as an annual. It is a book of record. It is made or created to commemorate or highlight the top events and incidents of the past year. Most high schools and colleges in America, Canada and India publish yearbooks. A year book if made well can be cherished with pride for the alumni of a school for years on end.

To make your own year book, you may require a team-effort of your colleagues who will have to pitch in with their ideas and data. Make an online year book is a significantly easier method requiring less effort. If you are making your own year book, you may appoint a person to edit the content of the book or you may do it yourself. Plan the content of the book a year before. For instance, a year book may be divided into sections like class sections, activities, editorial, photo collages, academics, school clubs, memorial pages, picnic trips, messages from people, fine arts awards and citations etc. You have to plan how many pages can be allocated for each section.

DTP software like Adobe InDesign and Quark XPress have resulted into computer based layouts.  You can have a look at this website for online year books

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