How Can I Make Flowers From Ribbon?


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Flowers made from ribbon are a skilled accessory. They look cute on hats, wedding materials and party favours. They are popularly used for gift wrapping and home decoration.  You need things like ribbons, glue, a pair of scissors and a thread to make ribbon flowers.

The website link www.aokcorral.comprojects/how2apr2004.htm talks on length about how to make flowers from ribbons. There is information given along with pictures that makes learning the craft easier. On this website, you will learn how to make ribbon roses, daisy and lavender.  Ribbon flowers look as interesting and fascinating as the real ones if made properly.
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Follow This Way,

Knot the end of a 1.5 inch wide  wire edge ribbon

Pull one of the wires at the other end of the
ribbon and gather the ribbon along the wire

Beginning just after the knot, roll the ribbon
round a pencil to create a tight center. Leave the knot alongside the pencil
and below the roll.

Remove the pencil and continue rolling the
gathered ribbon around the center to form the rest of the rose. Wrap the pulled
wire tightly around the base of the rose, above the knot, to secure the

Grasp the center of the rose with needle-nose pliers
and twist to tighten.

Flatten the rose and mold to an attractive form.

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