How Do I Make A Ribbon Fish?


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Girija Naiksatam Profile
Fish is the symbol of abundance according to Chinese tradition. With the help of beautiful craft called origami, a ribbon fish can be made. The materials that are required for the fish are: rhinestone eyes, a thread and a bead. The total length is 6cm. which includes; the body of the fish -2cm in length and 1.5 cm in height. The fish has fins, tail and an eye. With the help of the ribbon, we have to make a loop out of a 9" strip of ribbon. The loop should look like the letter 'M 'and it should be kept loosely while making a knot. Further the second strip should be pulled towards the first loop and be brought till the end.

Next process is to tighten by pulling all the ends of the strip to downward position. Carry on this process until the shape of a fish can be seen and then trim the extended fins at an angle for a realistic look.

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