How To Make A Shoestring Ribbon Bow?


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The shoestring bow, which is also called a cross-loop bow, is the same one that is made when tying shoes. The only material required is the ribbon of you choice. One method of tying the same is: form one loop, you can bring the other end such that it goes around that loop and then pass the second loop right through the knot. You can then trim the tails of your bow to the desired length. The beauty of this bow is that it can also be made by using several loops on each side by following the above directions after last loop and simply including all the loops you want in the same knot.

Another method is: line up the tail first, then form a circle of the size of both the loops with the second tail while extending to the side opposite of the loop. You can add one to four more of the same size circles and then tie an overhand single knot right in the centre to include all the ribbon loops.

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