I am an amateur author and i just finished writing my first book but i have questions . - Can i publish it with a big / small publisher free ? , or i have to pay some money ? - Well they help editing the typos ? - is it okay if i am foreign?


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I too am going through the same thing as you. This is what I have learned so far.... It does cost. Most people go for publishing themselves. It's a little more attainable then finding a publisher or agent. The cheapest editor I found is $2,000. (At least for my size book.) It is a journey but if it is your dream... Don't give up.

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Bell Kranel
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Forget to mention , the book i am going to try to publish soon is the first book of high fantasy book series
Does that also cost money ?
I Read somewhere if it's a good book with good story the publishing house will pay instead of me , is that right ?
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From what my experience has been, those ones are for people who have a name out there... such as Steven King, Billy Graham, James Paterson, etc. I could be wrong or just haven't gotten that far. Lol!
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TOM!!!!! Tooooooo funny!!!!! Well I am sure I could write one on all the DON'TS of cooking!!!!!! 😅😅😅😅😅
(Sorry my friend, I just saw your comment. Love it!!!! Thank you!)

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