What colour are your eyes?


16 Answers

Ray Ottewell Profile
Ray Ottewell answered
Pink with red, blue, orange, yellow, black and green strips
emma brown Profile
emma brown answered
Martha Edgar Profile
Martha Edgar answered
I have Blue eyes .
Narcistina Hm Profile
Narcistina Hm answered

Black eyes

Levi F. Profile
Levi F. answered

My eyes are blue. I have pale skin, dark hair, and blue eyes. It's a great combination and very British Isles. :)

Kristin Rodriguez Profile
Hazel. They change color. Dark Brown when i'm sad or confused, and light brown when my mind is blank, and green when i am pi$$ed or mad. And Hazel whenever i have no other emotion :)
Agirl wholovesu Profile
Agirl wholovesu answered
Light blue, it's almost the ocean blue, 'cause there's a little green mixed in. Very slight hint of course. Like you have to get up close to see the green. LOL

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