What Colours Make Green Eyes Stand Out


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Coral or pink I shimmer
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Mosty green eyed people I have seen wearing green makes their green eyes extremely green even with no make-up. Amd I sell make up!
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I use a gold pencil to outline my eyelid and then fill it in with a shimmery green and it really makes them stand out
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Shades of greens, and plum work for me. Almay has a wonderful line of eye make-up specially made for green eyes, and it works wonders.
:-) hope this helped
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My eyes are a really bright green and I love them but I like to wear liquid eyeliner around my eyes, this gives a nice effect! But to make my colour stand out even more I use very bright colours! I always change the colour of my eyeshadow but frequently use green, bright blue, baby pink and purple..out of all these I think the purple works the best! Definatly true that opposites attract lol!! Purple eyeshadow on green eyes! Definatly a yes...I get a lot of comments saying that my eyes are really nice from girls but the guys say they make me look freaky ;) this is goood as it means they loook firey and makes you look hard to get! ;) green eyes are beautiful and if you have them you are beautiful!!!!! :D wearrr lots of mascara too!! This adds effect to your eyes!! Hopes this works for all you green eyed girls/boys loveeeeee :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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White and grey thats all I know and that should make your eyes stand out....!
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I tend to use purple eye shadow on the top maybe a little on the bottom lid with black eyeliner and mascara works very well for me. Hope I helped. :D
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I read this site all the time and it has several excellent suggestions.


You can always get similar shades for less in more common, drugstore type brands, which is what I usually do. That way you won't have blown a ton of money if it doesn't work the way you'd like.
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I also have green eyes, and believe me: There are many colours that stand out our eyes!!! The colours that almost make green eyes stand out are the light blue, violet, gold colour, red, a metalic green... But this, is MY opinion, 'cause maybe you don't like how this colours stand out your eyes... Sometimes I'm a very sophisticated person.
I hope you like this opinion, and most of all: That it works out!!
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I use Mac Nocturnelle Purple With some gold and  Black eyeliner, That really helps if your eyes are a little more brownish hazel "It Works try it"

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