What Are The Primary Colours?


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Only three colours, red, yellow and blue, are considered to be primary colours. These three colours are colours in themselves and no two other colours can be mixed to create red, yellow or blue. A secondary colour, orange, green or purple, is created when mixing two primary colours together. When mixing red and yellow the colour orange is created. Blue and yellow mixed together create the colour green and the colours blue and red mixed together make the colour purple. When a primary colur is mixed together with a secondary colour a tertiary colour is produced. Chartreuse, aquamarine, fusia and violet are examples of tertiary colours. All browns, greys and blacks are also considered to be tertiary colours. In a universe exploding with different and, somehow, magical colours, colour has always fascinated mankind and some believe colour to be one of life's greatest mysteries. In 1666 the great scientist, Sir Isaac Newton, was one of the first people to study colours and white light and developed what is known as the 'Newton Colour Circle'.
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Red, yellow and blue are primary colors. Orange, green and purple are secondary colors.
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Primary Colours are RED, YELLOW and BLUE.
These colours can be mixed with black and white to get lighter or darker shades of colour.
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Red blue yellow
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Additive, physiological, or light primaries red, green, and blue.
Lights of red, green, and blue wavelengths may be mixed to produce all
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There are only 3 primary colors, red blue and yellow, if you don't know the right answer then don't aswre someone's question wrong..
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There are two primary colour models. The additive colour model for emitted light, and the subtractive model for reflected light. The primary colours of the additive model are, red, green and blue. The primary colours of the subtractive model are, cyan, magenta, and yellow.

Painters work with reflected light and should thus use the subtractive model for their work, with the primary colors being, cyan, magenta and yellow.

A lot of people are unfortunately still under the dated belief that red, yellow and blue are primary colours. This is incorrect, and based on an ancient colour model that predates modern scientific understanding of light and colour.

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