If you were given five million dollars to open a small museum, what kind of museum would you create?


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A Terry Pratchett Museum.

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A dinosaur museum with fossils, bones and dino poop!

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Ancient Hippy
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That sounds like my house.
Yin And Yang
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I was thinking of you when I said it.... I always wanted to see a dinosaur museum... the poop would be an added bonus! Now that I know it exists! LOL!
Ancient Hippy
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Dino poop makes some really nice jewelry. Some of it can be very colorful when cut and polished.
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A museum of tie dyed items, whose goal it is to prove that aliens invented and introduced tie dye to humans.

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A natural museum on the Florida ecosystem, to show how much damage man has done to it. And to teach people who are moving into the state to appreciate what they are moving into. Just because there is a bear in your backyard when you are asleep at night does not means the bear needs to be trapped and moved or destroyed because you left your trash outside.

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A wrist watch and clock museum.

~ imagine the noise with all those timepieces ~

Complimentary ear plugs ?

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