What are the responsibilities of a Museum Curator?


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I think Echooos is correct but there is more to it than that. The curator must also arrange for showing to be put together, and often schedule which artifacts will be shown and when.(Museums have a lot more in storage than what is on display at any one time) 

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I was there in the early 70's when I went to West Virginia for a training session on air monitors. Saw the first dial telephone system, you could dial a number and watch the relays clicking in as they registered the number you dialed (rotary phone)
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That's cool! What part of WV?
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That was 40 years ago. I just know I was close enough to go to DC to see the museum on the day and a half I had left before flight back to Alberta. I was supposed to go to Greece on a job, but boss sent someone else. Trip to WV was his way of making up for it... I never made a report on the equipment. Paid holiday?

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