If you had to make a piece of art to put in a museum, what medium would you choose to work with?


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My skeleton leaf art:

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Ancient Hippy
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They are beautiful.
Maurice Korvo
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@Tom Jackson The first is soapstone from Argentina and is very soft (will scratch with finger nail 2.5) The second is Italian and is harder, (and a deeper colour) and will scratch with a penny (3.5) I prefer Montana soapstone (due to the colours) which is about 3.5. You can get harder soap stone. Check a rock and lapidary place, they normally have a variety. I just use a knife to carve, so I prefer the softer ones. These have both been soaked in vegetable oil to bring out the colour.
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Thank you---great information and very interesting.
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HappyTo BeHereTo
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I bet! Whenever I see there's a travel or nature show about it, I watch. Alaska is on my bucket list.
I think this is the one place I'd seriously consider hiring a guide. It's pretty rugged.
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No, Skip. it is my mom and my brother. It was taken on he deck of our favorite restaurant. They are still rebuilding the deck after last year's hurricane and are closed again after the lasted one. I hope they can reopen quicker this time.
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Joy, I haven't talked my husband into it yet, but I would love to drive the RV up going through Banff in Canada.

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