I've read two books that members here have written, are there any more writers here with a book out ? I'd love to read it if there is.


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Me, hopefully, in a few years :)

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There is a member who is a friend of mine whose username is Didgerie Doo who wrote a book so if you contact him through this site he can give you further info.

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Hey there ! I know Didge well and read his book a couple of months ago. Just got done with another members book and liked it also. These guys are good but thanks anyway !
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Not a member of this site, but from Ask (and now Askaholics) Sephira Allen wrote a novel set in the American Civil War. It's called In Plain Sight. I don't think it's been published yet (she's looking for a conventional publisher) although it was nominated for Kindle Scout. It's excellent.

Sephira wrote it for NaNoWriMo (which is National Novel Writing Month).

Check it out at Book Country.

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Anslee Doyal , I'm writing one! (Long bio coming), answered

It's called Beautiful Minds. It's not done yet, but there are two ways to find it. It's on Wattpad and on FictionPress.net. My wattpad is linked to my Facebook (I don't add people idk in real life, but there's a page for it if you're interested!) and my username there is AnsleeDoyal, then my fictionpress name is VocaloidMaster13.

The book is about a girl named Sabrina who ends up in a facility for a vast variety of kids her age. They all have different mental challenges, like a girl named Kaileigh is autistic, and a boy named Ayden has ADHD. She tries to fit in the best she can with her late diagnosis of dyslexia.

I'm a writer with high-functioning autism (Asperger's syndrome), as well as severe anxiety and getting tested for depression soon. I was being bullied at school for being different, and at first, the book was used as a long vent, but I converted it to a few chapters and it took off. It doesn't have many reads yet, but I'd absolutely love it if you read it, and it'd be better if you had ideas (for characters or plot) or suggestions. Message me on FP if you have these ideas! Here are the links:

Wattpad: (Not working at the moment rip me)

FictionPress: www.fictionpress.com/s/3306054/1/Beautiful-Minds

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