I really need to read more but I can never find a book I enjoy, I'm reading the Hunger Game series at the moment but once I'm finished I would like a new book... So any good books out there?


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You can try Harry Potter if you haven't already. I have the same problem as you I have a very specific taste in books.

I like fiction and fantasy but it has to be a certain kind of book it's hard to explain. And there has to be action in it. A lot of the books I read,  I find they either contain weird stuff like faries and other things or it's in a dystopian future. 

Divergent is a very good book if you like the Hunger Games I highly recommend the series it's amazing. You could also try the 13 Treasures Trilogy  - they're pretty good as well.

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Alyana Jean Babao
I recommend for you Percy Jackson and the Olympians. It ends at book 10.  I already read 1 to 9 so it'll take so long for you to finish. 
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Sherlock Holmes, It's another good option.

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You could try The Lord of the rings.

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I have loved Bloodline since the first time I read it, 7 years ago. Also another one of my favorites is the Godfather series.

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