How Do I Make Papier Mache Sculptures?


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Papier mache sculptures are great fun and relatively easy to make. You can purchase papier mache in various forms at an art and craft store. It comes in strips (like those used to make casts) or in powder form. The latter is good if you would like to make detailed sculptures.

To start, create a form or skeleton for your sculpture. Tightly wadded aluminium foil works well. For example, to create a sculpture of a dog, mould the foil into the shape of the animal. Give the foil a twist to create legs, a tail and a head. Be sure that the foil is tightly compressed; otherwise moisture will gather in the folds and your sculpture will take a long time to dry.

Next, mix your papier mache. It is better to do this after you have created a skeleton for your sculpture because the papier mache can dry out. Use powdered papier mache and follow the instructions. Also follow the safety instructions. It is advisable to wear a protective mask while using the powder. Mixing the papier mache with hot water will give you a smooth paste. It is best to use the papier mache as soon as possible because it is most malleable when it has just been mixed.

Finally, cover the foil form with papier mache. Be sure that all of the foil is covered. You can sculpt the form with your fingers or by using clay tools. You can give your dog ears, eyes and a nose.

When you are satisfied with your sculpture, leave it to dry. The process will take several days, depending on how much papier mache you used. You will know that your sculpture is dry when it does not feel damp to the touch and the surface is all one colour. When your sculpture is still wet it will have dark patches where the papier mache is retaining moisture. When your sculpture is dry, you might want to smooth any rough edges using sand paper. You can decorate your sculpture using acrylic paint.
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For paper mache to dry it takes one day and when its done drying you can paint it and decorate it and do what ever you want to it just be gentle whith it cause its very fragile  don't press hard  

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