How Do I Make A Clay Zerbra?


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There are several options for modelling an animal out of clay. A good method for kids is to use Play-Doh. It is non-toxic and easy to use. Plus, you can get it in black and white to create the zebra's stripes. Play-doh tends to crack when it dries so it is not very permanent.

Another option is to use modelling clay. The well-known company Plasticine makes a modelling clay that stays flexible and does not dry out. It was first invented by an art teacher in 1897 who wanted to create a clay for his students that did not dry. His invention is still hugely popular; it is the material that Aardman Animations uses for its Wallace and Gromit series. Plasticine will remain soft. It cannot be fired like traditional clay because it is flammable. It can be painted.

Traditional sculpting clay, on the other hand, can be fired in order to harden the sculpture. Firing should only be done with the help of a professional. Traditional clay sculpture is glazed before firing to add colour.

A fourth option is to use papier mache. It is fairly easy to use and good for sculpting animals. It can be painted after it has dried.

These products can be purchased from an arts and crafts supplier with the exception of Play-doh, which you can find at a toy store.

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