How Do You Make A Clay Horse?


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There are three basic steps that you need to make sure you do in order to make a proper clay horse. These three steps are: Make the legs, make the body and make the head and tail. However it is not as simple as this and there is a lot of work required to make sure that these steps succeed.

The first thing you need to do is get a thick piece of thick wire and twist it into shape so that it resembles the neck, body and tail of a horse.

Then you should use a slightly thinner wire to twist into the legs of the horse and wrap them round the thick body wire. You will need to do this four times. Make sure that they are level on each side of the wire body.

You will then need to add foil around the wire to make the horse appear thicker underneath the clay.

Now it is time to shape the clay around the body and legs of the horse. This is the part where you will need to take the most time to ensure that all of the body is covered evenly in the same amount of clay. Make sure that there are no parts of the body or legs that look thinner or thicker than others. The clay should be smooth and even across the whole body, neck, head, legs and tail.

After the whole wire is covered you can start to add details. If you wish to add hair to your horse then you can either glue on the hair with a clear superglue to make sure it doesn't spoil the horse or you could use mohair, which is the most recommended.

Good horse sculpting kits with step by step instructions and links to shops where you can buy the best tools can be found at
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1 use a thick wire to make the Head neck back and tail
2 use a slightly thinner wire to wrap around te body for legs
3 use a reference picture and pose your horse the shape you want it
4 start sculpting the legs and work it up
5 for the hair I would recommend mohair over clay or putty
6 once completely dry sand it and paint it

have fun and hope you are successful! :)
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Use a thick wire for the neck body and tail bone
use a slight thinner wire tho wrap around the body for legs
put a ball of foil around the body to make the thickness of the horse
use clay or putty to shape up body and to do details later on
use mohair or your clay or putty to sculpt or glue on hair
I would recommend mohair
you can get more help from breyer sculpting kits found in stores or online at
Hope you have a good looking horse when youre done! :)
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You must make it 1) make a legs

2) make a body
3) make a head and tail

I'm glad I could help

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