How do you write a letter to your father asking him for money because you have to go on a picnic?


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You have to clean the house first. Make him coffee in the morning and probably serve him breakfast. Make him feel special. Then after all you can give him a letter with the tru intentions without lying. Then it would be impossible for him not to give you if you've done all of those things. Not unlsess he's really pennieless

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Personally, I wouldn't write a letter to my dad asking for money, I'd ask him in person. It will seem a little weird or distant if you write a letter. Even if he isn't always around, you could at least call him on the phone and ask for money that way...
Asking your dad for money is never easy though, so good luck!
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Try to catch him in a good mood first, then tell him politely what you need and explain the reasons he should give you money to go.... Tell him you'll socialize, make new friends or even how fresh air will do you so much good :)

 Seeing how respectful you are, he should give in. It may sound a bit 19th century but I'm 99% sure it will work. Remember, whatever you do, DON'T get angry!

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Dear Father,

My dear and respected father  how are you? I am fine here, wish to ask some help from you. I need some money since i am picnic along with my friends.
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