Have You Ever Listened To An Audio Book?


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I'm old school I guess...I like the way books smell as they age, the way in which the pages yellow after time. A good book has a way of triggering distant memories...you remember the first time you read a classic novel...how old you were...how silly you felt when you read a book of poems to someone you cared for.(That wasn't me of course!LOL) I like the weight and feel...there's substance and meaning as if the collected logic and artistry of the author is waiting to be discovered again for the first time. (Okay, now I'm just being silly) You can't get that with a cold, smooth contraption (I sound like my father.LOL) developed for people inclined...I'll stop here, no need to insult the technocrats. He He!
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Yes, and i still do sort of.i take dvds of shows i have watched and just listen to the sound/dialogue of the episode or movie and imagine what is going on or how i would have had the actors do the scenes.i guess it is sort of like listening to the old radio shows before tv was invented.believe it or not they still have these type of shows on the radio.i catch them every once in while   doing stories of possible angel interactions with people.in other words when there is no explanation other than god interceding on their behalf to save their lives. One girl according to the story met/had a young man pull her from a quicksand pit/bog (sort of) and he handed his shepards staff to her.she later told the story to her father and showed him the staff which had all kinds of verses engraved upon it. They took the staff into town and asked the local antique dealer if she knew anyone that looked like this young man and why the staff would have all these engravings on it.she opened a town history book showing the first settlers a hundred years before and the young man was in the first few pages.he was the owner of the property next to where the girl now lived.the staff was his shepards staff for guarding his flock/herd.
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Actually quite a bit lately in the Modern Scholar Series.." Liberty at Its Price " The French Revolution ..... Fourteen   lectures by Professor Donald Sutherland ....The University Of Maryland at College Park ...
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Jack Mahon
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Doesn't Professor Sutherland take a dim view of my hero Napoleon Bonaparte. I am an admirer of dictators, forget this hogwash "Power to the people."
Merlin Paine
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No not really Napoleon only comes in at the end ......Napoleon was a remarkable man who did a lot more than conquer territory......When Napoleon abdicated his regime remained in place there was no wholesale restructuring of the government as there has been with other power shifts that took place during the revolution ......the Neoplonic Code is still the basis of much of French law.
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Yes I have but didn't enjoy it. When I first heard of this form of media,   I thought the book would be read with a variety of people reading the characters parts, a lot like old time radio stories. However, when I began listening I was disappointed that only one person was reading and I felt a bit like I was back in kindergarten when the teacher would read us stories or at the library on Saturday mornings when we'd all sit on the mosaic carpet in a circle while the reader would sit high in the center of the ring on a wooden library chair. I also found that I guess I can't do two things at once. I become too distracted and can't give the listening my full attention as I would with a book where you use your eyes and hands, the ability to read at your own speed, the ability to reread a sentence and time to meditate and comprehend on what you've just read.
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I haven't, tho I know many who do & love them.
I'm not fond of reading too much. It puts me to sleep. I guess if I wanted to "read" a book these days, I'd likely go for an audio book. But truth is...I rarely have enuff time to sit back, relax & just read for the sake of reading. When I do read, it's usually for life purposes...n'   Not storytime.
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Yes nd i didn't like it coz i couldn't keep up wit tha story
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Yes i have & find i sometimes take the long way home when i listen while driving home from work.
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Hiya Keith.I've listened to two audio books,but i have to say i prefer to read.
However,they must be absolutely brilliant for the blind,and the infirm, who find it difficult holding a book
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Yes, when diving on a long distance trip alone, I have listened to an audio book.
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Keith Old
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Thanks Yarn,
Jack Mahon
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What else can you do with an audio book but listen? At least a real book can be used as a door stop or a place to store a cherished rose from a beau from your younger days.. One source of waste you create, what do you do with all those novel bookmarks you've accumulated through the years.
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Jackyll Glue your collection of bookmarks to the walls of your hall, bathroom, or kitchen, or glue them on a piece of canvas and use as a wall hanging.
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Yes, everyday. I listen to them as I do my work. It helps me focus and filters out the background noise of an office. I have a library of them. Best invention ever!
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I prefer a book with paper pages rather than sound.   Having said that...I just returned from a car   trip of 1600 miles (one way).   Most of the trip was nothing but desert scenery with little to distract you and nothing but boredom mile after mile.   The audio books were great and I really enjoyed them.   Anytime my husband and I are going to go on a long trip, we purchase several audio books.   That is the only time I listen to them.   At home, give me a "real" book!
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Yes, I listened to one of the Bronte books on tape, Wuthering Heights, about some young woman and a man named Heathcliff.   Doubt I could've gotten through it otherwise. I also listened to a number of CD's from Bill Clinton's autobiography on tape.   That was very interesting.   I listened to some of Hemingway's short stories on tape but could not keep my mind on it the whole time while I was washing dishes.   A few others I tried to listen to but lost interest.   I vote for books for the most part!

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