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Stephenie Meyer is an author, best known for writing the "Twilight" series. The "Twilight" books have become extremely popular, with over 40 million copies being sold world-wide.

Early life
Meyer was born on 24th December 1973, in Hartford, Connecticut. She was educated at the Chaparral High School in Scottsdale in Arizona. In 1995, she graduated from the Brigham Young University with a bachelor’s degree in English.

Meyer married in 1994. She met her husband in Arizona, where she grew up and they now have three sons.

"Twilight", the first book in the "Twilight" series, was Meyer’s first novel. Meyer has said that she came up with the idea of "Twilight", which tells the story of a romance between a vampire and a human, after dreaming about a human girl and a vampire. At the time, Meyer did not have much writing experience, but she completed the first novel in around three months.

The first instalment was published in 2005 and is aimed at young adults. The book was a success and received a number of awards and nominations, including Publisher’s Weekly "Best Book of the Year" and New York Times Best seller. However, critics gave mixed reviews on the novel. There were criticisms about the characters and the plot, but some critics stated that the novel was "easy to follow", "realistic" and that the story would appeal to those who are fans of dark romance.

The second novel, "New Moon", was released in 2006. Like the first instalment, "New Moon" was successful, earning a top place on the New York Times Best Seller list for Children’s Chapter Books. Reviews for the second novel were mixed, with a few critics criticising the character Bella, who is the protagonist. Other critics said that the novel would leave fans of the first book "breathless for a sequel".

The third instalment is "Eclipse", which was published in 2007. Like the other two, the book was a success. Critical reception was again mixed, with some critics feeling that the teenage angst in the story would be a put off for older readers, but that there was still enough to the story to keep readers entertained.

The fourth instalment "Breaking Dawn" was published in 2008. The novel broke a record for the Hachette Book Group USA by selling 1.3 million copies in the first 24 hours of it being released. Reviews from critics for the novel have been generally negative, with many saying that there novel has too much build-up and hardly any action. Many felt that the novel was "sexist" and were disappointed with the ending.
"Breaking Dawn" was the final novel to be told from protagonist Bella’s perspective.

Meyer has plans to release another novel entitled "Midnight Sun", which will be a companion novel for "Twilight" and told from the perspective of Bella’s love interest, Edward.

Film adaptations
The first novel, "Twilight", has already been adapted to film and was released in 2008. The sequel, "New Moon", is rumoured to have a release date of 20th November 2009. There are plans to adapt the other novels to film.

Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics, the film adaptation of "Twilight" has been a success, earning third place on Fandango’s top advance ticket sales list and receiving a couple of award nominations. The DVD is due to be released in March in the US and April in the UK.

Another book entitled "The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide" is planned to be released for December 2009.

Other novels
In addition to the "Twilight" series, Meyer has written a number of short stories. She has also written a novel entitled "The Host", a sci-fi novel for adults. The novel received the top spot on the New York Times Best seller list and has been praised for its ending. Meyer has almost completed a sequel, but no release date has yet been given.

Meyer has stated that she has several ideas for new novels. In 2008, she provided the writing for a music video by Jack’s Mannequin.
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Stephenie Meyer is in my opinion the best author ever. She wrote my favorite series the "Twilight" saga.  I love those books.  I have read all of the four books in the saga twice each.  I own all of the books and if i had to die or give up my books I would probably choose dieing because i love the books so much.  Stephanie is a great author and i seriously think you should look into the books.  Some people say they are hard to get into and if you have a hard time persevere and finish at least the first one.  They are great books from beginning to end in my opinion but if you don't like them that is your choice.  She is an amazing author and she also has another book out called "The Host" I think you should look into that book as well especially if you enjoy the "Twilight" saga.
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Stephenie Meyer is the author of the popular "Twilight" series. The movie is now out in theaters and between the books and the movie she has developed quite a following. Visit her official website: Keep in mind her name is spelled with an "e" and not an "a".
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She is become very famous over the past year, for a her book "Twilight". Twilight is the one of the best stories ever told and has now been made into a film. Her books are amazing including
.breaking dawn
new moon
.the host
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Haha a funy thing about how twilight got to the best seller list: There is a room that the new york times keeps books that have been submitted to be put on thebest seller list that they really dont think will make it. Twilight was in this room. A worker in the building wanted something to read and decided that twilight looked intriguing. They read the book and demanded it got another chance....
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Stephanie is a dear friend of mine, shes a talented writer, and shes my inspiration for writing, I'm a teen girl and i am obviously obsessed with the Twilight series.
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A superstar
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SIMPLE: The author or twilight, new moon, eclipse, and breaking dawn!!! They are making movies for everyone and there VERY popular!!!! GOD WHO DOESNT KNOW THAT SHES MY IDOL AND THE BEST AUTHOR KNOWN TO MAN! Wow do u live under a rock!!!

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