Who is your favorite author and why do you like them?


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Ray Dart answered
That is Terry Pratchett. His sense of humour (I hope) mirrors my own. "Going Postal" is one of the best stories ever written, but because of the genre and its populist appeal, it will never get the credit from the literary élite, who prefer difficult, angst-ridden, swearword-laden abstruse nonsense.
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Probably William W. Johnstone. He writes a series called the Ashes. The world has been destroyed and this one group of people is trying to put it back together. That is the seriously condensed version. There are 37 books in the series.
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James Herbert no contest. Nobody can write an absorbing off-the-wall horror story like he can. Once you start a JH book, you can't put it down.
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I really do not have a favorite.  I like stories about small towns, the lives of the people in that town...the comradery...people caring about each other/helping each other whenever necessary.  J.D. Robb does a series about solving crimes in 2050 w/Lt. Eve Dallas.  Others:  Fern Michaels, Robin Carr and Debbie Maccomber.  Fern Michaels does a series called the Sisterhood.  They are about a group of vigilante women.  I have enjoyed this series over the years.
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J.K. Rowling because it was her writing that first inspired me to become an authour when I am get into University. Also, Harry Potter has become such a popular book series and I am the No.1 fan!

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