I Need To Write An Application Letter To Take On A Position At School To Become The Main Editor. Any Ideas?


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Barbara Fisher answered
It is always good to have a writing portfolio to present when you are being interviewed for a writing position. It should contain all the works you have previous published both on a list, and the tear out sheets, editor letters, and yes, even your rejections if you have any.

Prior to an interview, send sample copies of your work with the letter. Be sure to tell why this job interests you, what you enjoy about writing and perhaps any future goals you might have in the writing world. Be sure to mention the paper you want to be editor of and what changes or additions you might foresee that might make it even a better publication.

It is always good to have references of people you have written things for in the past. Maybe even a church group or other organization would be fine. If you wrote it, show it.
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Use all the standard rules for writing application letters, in other words, update your resume, write a convincing cover letter, `sell' yourself. It's very important to target your letter towards the actual job and its location. So, for this particular position, make sure you list any previous school experience and if you haven't had any, then explain why you want to work in an educational setting. Obviously you will have had editing experience but to add a little zing to your application, I suggest you attach some of your own writing samples and at least one piece of writing you have previously edited. Add some ideas for the type of publication you would hope to develop if you get the job. As always, pre-empting questions you would expect at the personal interview will help your chances a lot.
If you are to be the main editor, you might also want to explain your leader style, how you would expect to manage your team and suchlike.

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