"I had reached your doorsteps" is the name of a poem by G. Allana. Can any one please explain it?


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I have copied the poem from internet:

I lost the scroll of instructions you gave
to guide me to the door of your house;
I sat in distress on life’s cross roads.
and asked the wayfarers and the caravans,
to show me the way to my destination.

some said the way was long and tortuous;
you had said it is short and delectable
others opined it was narrow, winding and uphill,
you had said, it is straight and universal.
they shouted it is the dream of bigoted fanatics;
you had said it is the ultimate reality,
in a world that is worth but a moment.
then you came and handed me the chart,
I found I was sitting at the very gate,
not knowing I had reached you doorsteps. The story goes like this:The guy who wants to meet his lady friend got lost the way told by his lady in instruction.Having lost the appropriate path he was very much wondered by sitting across the roads which the mob convinced him that its narrow,long road in contrast with short and walkable miles which was told by his Lady friend .The trespassers and the companions were not seeming to show him the correct route to her lady's home. Being Doomed, ultimately the lady found him near her home entrance when he was passing by,and handed over the route map to him that without his knowledge God has helped him to find her home fortunately and making him realized that he has finally reached his Destination..Moral:Its all about "True Love  "...the more you love the person and the more you get closer to that person irrespective of the distances...I have tried my level best to explain you ...Since I like the poem very much and I was really interested to share with everyone to convey about "True Love"not just to get points....

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