I will pay some one through gmail for someone to write a poem to give to my mom for her birthday. It is in 5 days. You must name a price! Please and thank you?


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Darling Divaa answered

Aww you don't want someone else writing a poem for your mom. You have 5 days till her birthday, that's plenty of time to write something yourself. As long as it's from the heart that's all that matters. Tell her in the poem how much she means to you and how you're so glad that she is your mom....Have fun with it.....She will love it.... (:

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Kioyre S. answered

Birthday poems are lovely :D I wrote one for my mother on her birthday and for mother's day! If you truly want it to be special, follow Darling Divaa's advice and try to write one yourself. You don't have to be an "excellent" writer or the "best" poet. Just be creative and write from the heart.
But if you insist, I could try writing a starter for you. I don't need money to do that! :P

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