In dead-tossed waves, who is gabry's father?


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Dead - Tossed Waves is the sequel to another book called 'The Forest of Hands and Teeth', both were written by Carrie Ryan. The answer to your question lies within the first book where Mary (Gabry's mother) is the narrator.

  • The Forest of Hands and Feet
This was the first book published by Carrie Ryan and was very well received. It tells the story of Mary who is ruled by a sect called Sisterhood and is 'trapped' in a village that is surrounded on all sides by the forest of hands and feet. This forest is thought to be never ending and so prevents villagers from escaping.

In this story, there are two men in Mary's life with whom she is romantically linked at some point in the book; these are Travis and Travis' brother Harry. Mary is in love with Travis throughout the book but this love is somewhat not returned and Mary ends up marrying Harry.

The book is compelling and a must to read and so as not to ruin the plot I will refrain from giving away anymore of the story.

  • Dead - Tossed Waves
This book was highly anticipated by those who read the first. Carrie Ryan is known for her individual writing style and a phenomenal imagination for this type of book.

This book follows the story of Mary's daughter Gabry who lives a calm and relatively safe life in a small seaside village called Vista. Very little is spoke of Gabry's family aside from her mother but the first book gives more depth to this and it is believed that the third book will also follow this theme and provide clarity.

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