Who Is Sophie Dahl's Father?


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Model Sophie Dahl's father was the Carry-On Actor Julian Holloway.

Her grandfather (famously confused for her father) is celebrated children's novellist Roald Dahl. He was British of Norwegian descent and became a short stories, screenplays and novels for adults as well as children.

Dahl was Welsh born and was schooled in Wales before joining the Shell Company in Africa. When the Second World War came, he was made an officer and given a group of King's African Rifles to command. He was very uncomfortable with the job he was given of rounding up all German civilians. Later he joined the RAF, where he was given the terrible mistaken orders to land in the no mans land between British and Italian lines. He crashed the plane and was temporarily blinded.
When he regained his sight, he continued on active service in the RAF.

After a meeting with C.S Forester, he began writing for Harpers, Playboy and other American magazines. He was later to produce the great children's classicals, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach and the BFG amongst many others (Danny, Champion of the World etc).
He also wrote the screenplay for two Ian Fleming adaptations of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and You Only Live Twice.
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Sophie Dahl comes from a family of creative people, her grandfather was the famous author Roald Dahl, who wrote books for children like the Witches, Charlie and the chocolate factory and James and the giant peach, which were enjoyed as much by adults.

Sophie's dad, who was absent throughout her childhood, as he split from her mother Tess when Sophie was a baby, is Carry on actor, Julian Holloway. She had a turbulent childhood, attending 10 different schools.

She was discovered as a model, and made famous by a perfume advertisement. She then slimmed down considerably, and moved to New York three years ago to take up other modelling contracts.

These days she is penning a book, something she always dreamed of doing, and is judging a contest for a literary prize, walking in her grandfather's footsteps.

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