Does the interplay of the elements of short story create a meaningful whole? How?


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ANY interplay of elemenz will create a whole, but just HOW MEANINGFUL depends on MANY arbitrary FACTORS.
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Hi Gelai, people who write have different methods, and change styles at times, others have a particular style depending on the audience - others let the pen flow, know what they want to write, and yet not its detail - yet? Suspense is part of a good story. Structure is sometimes planned and other times is develops. If you have a unique style then play on it.... Write from the gut - it can be fiction and also be read as fact .... SO WHAT'S YOUR IDEA?  Is it a biolgraphical story, what then do you think your readers will identify with.... Will you write in the first person, don't get bogged down in detail...what's the plot, some people know it, have an idea of the ending, others are freer with the pen and arrive at the destination and ending. OVERALL STYLE in a short story is about the logical flowing of the detail..... Like an Agatha Christie - a mystery and yet there's an end - sometime and open end....but that might be disappointing or lead you to a follow up story, best to have a beginning, middle and end....well develop a unique style and play on it.... So here's a beginning.... First person -  darkness fell and I was scared, which pathway should I take, my heart was pounding, the sounds around me were erie, [first person].....
Let the pen flow....Hope useful

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