How Did The Fox Trick The Wolf In Aesop's Fable?


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One evening a fox noticed a girl using a pair of buckets and a pulley to get water out of a well. Interested, he looked down the well and saw, he thought, a huge round cheese floating in the water. As soon as the girl had gone, he jumped into one bucket and was carried to the bottom of the well. However, as soon as he tried to bite the "cheese" he found that it was only the reflection of the full moon – and now he was stuck in this well.

Presently a wolf came by and looked in the well; he asked what the fox was doing there. The fox replied that he was eating some delicious cheese, and that if the wolf liked to get into the top bucket, he could come down and share it. The wolf jumped in, sailed to the bottom – and saw the fox sail to the top. The fox jumped out and ran away.

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