Which Aesop's Fable Explains The Saying "Don't Count Your Chickens"?


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"…before they're hatched." A farmer's daughter was going to market, carrying a pail of milk on her head. As she walked along, she thought, "When I sell this milk, I'll have enough money to buy dozens of eggs. When the eggs hatch, I'll have plenty of chickens. I'll take the chickens to market just at the right time, and get a really good price for them. Then I'll have enough money to buy a splendid dress for the next ball in the town. I'll be best-dressed girl there! And all the young men will ask me to dance, but I'll say no. I'll just toss my head –" Unfortunately, as she thought this she really did throw back her head, and the pail of milk fell off and spilled on the ground. Empty-handed, the girl went sadly home to her mother, who warned her never to count chickens before they're hatched.

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