How Do I Start A Good Letter To My Company Presedent?


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Mary Frederick answered
To begin a letter to your company president I would suggest you think about the important points you want the president to consider and write them down. Next take each point and write a sentence for each point check the sentences for correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. Read each sentence and ask yourself, Have I stated clearly the idea I wished to present in each statement. Next decide how you want to organize your letter and number your sentences 1, 2, 3, etc.

Now you have your letter, so type the proper heading:
Mr. John Doe, President
City, State, Zip


Dear Mr. Doe,

As an employee of Company Name, I would like to inform you of or I wish to bring to your attention or I wish to request...
(Select something such as the above suggestions, then add the rest of your letter)

With Sincere thanks,


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