What is the summary of the Dube Train?


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Unfortunately, this information is not readily available online. There is a Facebook page for the book; however, this page does not contain a summary or any other helpful information to explain what the book Dube Train is about.

You may be able to find information in your local library. In fact it would be best to consider finding the book at your local library or to buy it and summarize it. Most books have a summary in the jacket that explains the basic premise of the book. If a book is written correctly, it will have an introduction, first chapter and last chapter that summarize the main contents. While this would mean you miss the majority of the book you would have the basic premise.

Look up Themba's Dube Train in the library or online to see if you can locate the book for sale. According to the relatively little information found online, the book was written in Africa. This means you may have trouble finding it unless you specifically order it from, or live in, Africa. Most bookstores will allow for special orders as long as a book or short story as this story is, is still being published.

Given the fact that it sounds like you need the summary for school or another type of project you can probably get access to the book. Those who are interested may want to try contacting the creator of the Facebook page to see if they can provide you with more information in how to access the book or story.

What can be said is that it is not available online through any of the search engines as a summary or even description of the book. Google does not offer a look at the inside of the text either as they do in other cases.

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