How Does One Write A Last Letter To A Dying Friend?


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You could first  wright about all the good times you had together and all the things you remember about them something that made you laugh made you cry together how they have been there for you things you shared only between you both once you start to wright lots of things will come into your head its like reminiscence and then words will come from your heart I hope this helps a little god bless you both I reckon they lucky to have a friend like you
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Talk about the peace & joy they'll experience in heaven . That the memories of all the fun times you had
will always be in your heart .
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I would take the easy way out and get a friendship card and add a few words of my own before signing the card....hope this helps
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You can even get a get well card and add your own words before signing the card......
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I would not think it very thoughtful nor classy to send something telling them about death and especially they have not died and your wish is for better days,they already know the next step is death..good luck

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