Does Anyone Know How I Can Write A Letter To A Friend Advising Him To Quit From Smoking?


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You can persuade your friend by telling him disadvantages of smoking. This is the best way to convince him.

I am sure he knows how much injurious smoking is for health but still you have to realize him. Smoking can lead to lungs cancer. You can have respiratory problems. It effects not only your health but also wastes your money. There is no single benefit in smoking so why not make your life easy by quitting it. Secondly, smoking is not liked in the society. I hope your friend would pay heed to your advice.
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I'm sure your friend is over the age of 18 and as so is an adult capable of making his own choices in life and accepting the consequences. You can't save people from themselves and to try to do so would be interfering in something you clearly should not.

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